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Why choose Harmoni wet underfloor heating?

We produce a range of high quality wet underfloor heating solutions that are durable, long lasting and competitively priced. Harmoni wet underfloor heating systems can work under a variety of floor coverings – including tiles, laminate, wood and even carpet – in both new builds and renovations.

We provide exceptional customer service including a free design service and technical support. Our in-house technical team can provide expert advice throughout the entire lifecycle of a wet underfloor heating project.

When used in conjunction with the Harmoni App and our Wi-Fi enabled thermostats, the wet underfloor heating system can be controlled and monitored from a smart device.

Harmoni's benefits at a glance

  • High quality, durable products with generous warranties
  • Solutions for a range of floor coverings in both new builds & renovations
  • With the Harmoni App, the system can be controlled from a smart device
  • Free next working day delivery on most products
  • Free design service
  • Expert in-house technical advisors

Benefits of wet underfloor heating

In a well-insulated space, wet underfloor heating (also called hydronic or water-based underfloor heating) offers several advantages in terms of comfort, energy efficiency and air quality, and is becoming an increasingly popular choice for heating residential and commercial spaces.

  • Energy efficient: Wet underfloor heating operates at lower water temperatures, making it more economical to run than radiators. If an air source heat pump is used as the power source, running the water underfloor heating system is even more efficient – and greener too.
  • Comfort: A wet underfloor system provides an even and consistent heating across the entire floor surface, eliminating cold spots and drafts
  • Flexible heating zones: In conjunction with a manifold, wet underfloor heating can control and heat individual rooms or zones. This makes it a flexible, energy efficient heating solution
  • Minimal maintenance & long life: Wet underfloor heating is durable, requiring hardly any maintenance and generally has a longer lifespan compared to other traditional heating systems
  • Spacing saving & invisible: As pipes are hidden under the floor and operate silently, wet underfloor heating is an elegant, unobtrusive heating solution
  • Compatible with different floor types: Works with different types of flooring materials, including tile, laminate, wood, and carpet
Harmoni wet underfloor heating

Types of wet underfloor heating systems

We provide a range of wet underfloor heating systems and can advise on the best solution for your project. Although our kits work under most kinds of flooring, some materials conduct heat better than others. There are also different types of floor constructions to take into consideration.

To ensure the flexible pipes are spaced correctly, there are various systems to keep them in place including clip rail, spreader plate, floating floor panels, clipped with staples, egg crate and in-joist foil boards.

Standard and high output single zone wet underwater heating examples

Single zone system

A single zone system is used for systems that require only one thermostat and is available in two options:

  • Standard output: This is ideal for well insulated spaces in new builds
  • High output: For installations where heat loss is an issue, such as extensions or conservatories – which have multiple external walls or large areas of glass
Multi-room system example

Multi-room system

Designed for use throughout an entire property, multi-room systems can control each space independently. This means making them a flexible, energy-efficient method of heating

Harmoni 100+ Wi-Fi enabled thermostat

Low-profile system

Low-profile systems can be used for new builds, they are also a great option for refurbishments as raising the floor height is kept to a minimum

Free design service

Whether it's a simple one-room wet underfloor heating project or a complex multi-room solution, we can help. We'll produce a FREE CAD design drawing and provide expert guidance throughout the project lifecycle.

We can advise on the best system for your property, factoring in size, the number of rooms, whether it's a new build or a refurbishment, how the floor is constructed and the type of floor covering.

  • Expert advice from our qualified team
  • Free CAD design drawing
  • Quick turnaround
  • Free component schedule

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Free wet underfloor heating design service
Harmoni app for wet underfloor heating

Harmoni App for wet underfloor heating

The app allows the user advanced control of Harmoni Wi-Fi enabled thermostats from any smart device. Adjust temperatures and easily program all the advanced functions from anywhere, at any time. Also view statistics, check and manage consumption.

Easy pairing tutorial

Easy pairing tutorial

Simple guide explains the process of pairing the thermostats with a smart device using the Wi-Fi network.

Main screen

Main screen

See the status of the zones and the temperatures established in each one.

Energy statistics

Energy consumption statistics

View and control the hours of use and the power consumption of your Harmoni heating system.

Temperature control

Temperature control

The temperature of the products is controlled from an intuitive and easy-to operate screen.


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