Harmoni Frost Protection Kit


Trace heating kits are the perfect solution to prevent pipes from freezing.

Our frost protection kits use a self regulating trace heating cable which limits its output per metre by using a variables resistive compound within the cable to prevent overheating and to ensure efficient operation.

Why choose pre-made Frost Protection kits

All of our frost protection kits come complete with a built-in thermostat to ensure that when the ambient temperature drops below 5°C the trace heating cable activates and remains in operation until the ambient temperature exceeds 10°C. The built-in thermostat ensures that the trace heating system only operates when required to stop pipes freezing throughout winter and remains dormant during the summer.

Kit contents

  • Pre-terminated trace heating cable
  • Built-in thermostat
  • 2m of power cable (cold lead)
  • 12W L/m
  • Warning labels
  • Cable ties
  • 13 amp 3 pin plug

*Please note that cable length may vary +/- 10%.