Harmoni SmartCable

Harmoni inscreed underfloor heating cable

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Lifetime Warranty
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Harmoni SmartCable is a flexible in-screed solution for new build applications including conservatories, sun rooms and greenhouses. It’s compatible with most floor finishes and suitable for primary and secondary heating. Cable spacing can be adjusted to produce different power outputs (maximum of 230W/m²).

As the cable takes longer to heat up and cool down, it's perfect for rooms in constant use. When switched on at night the system can utilise cheaper, low-tariff electricity to heat up – with the screed acting like a storage heater – making the Harmoni SmartCable an efficient energy-efficient solution.  

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Superior quality product
  • Lowest price
  • SGS FIMKO FI Mark approved for added safety
  • Trusted brand
Harmoni inscreed underfloor heating cable


  • Twin conductor heating cable
  • Variable power outputs
  • Suitable for most floor surfaces
  • Can be installed within the thickness of tile adhesive
  • FI Mark approved


  • Thickness: 4mm
  • Output: 20W/m2
  • Operating voltage: 230/240V
  • Conductor: Twin
  • Minimum bending radius: 30mm


Harmoni In-Screed Underfloor Heating Cables 20w/m

The Harmoni SmartCable offers a flexible solution for most new build applications where a total heating solution is required.

Harmoni in-screed underfloor heating cable application